A valuable part of Ignitur software is its reporting function. Save hours by creating impressive white-label reports that reflect your periodic progress, including completed tasks and stats. Ignitur can act as SEO reporting software, among its many reporting functions, and as a digital marketing reporting tool.

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White-Label Reporting

Using its marketing reporting feature, Ignitur provides its users with the ability to generate comprehensive internet marketing project reports that stream analytical data from multiple API’s into one report. You can fully customize the reports by adding or or removing sections, or by adding free text, graphs, etc. Reports are white-label. You can add your company logo and contact information.

Report Your Actions

Informing your clients only about stats and trends, is not giving them the whole story. How you made it from point A to point B is no less important then the analytical data usually provided. Ignitur allows you to include a list of completed tasks with notes and user activity. This helps your clients to appreciate their investment with your services and to better understand what they are paying for.

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Built In Editor

Built-in Editor

Ignitur is equipped with a WYSIWYG editor. You can add styled text to any section of your report templates, including comments, recommendations, or anything else you want to include that is not available to you through the user interface. In this way, Ignitur provides 100% flexibility for both the layout and content you want to present to your clients.