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People that succeed with online marketing have a few things in common; they understand how to spot techniques that will likely lead to results. They favor smart data over big data. They are not afraid of testing, retesting, and making mistakes. Finally, they focus all of their resources into executing and scaling new learned techniques. Ignitur’s team, with over 10 years of experience, has already sailed all of these ships in the sea of online market software, and is now sharing their success with you to transform you into a marketing super hero.

So, how exactly can a internet niche marketing software make you invincible? Let’s take a look – get ready to wear your cape!


1. No More Missed Deadlines

Missing deadlines not only puts you behind schedule, but it also makes you appear sloppy to your clients. How would you feel if a company you paid failed to provide a product or service when they promised to?

How will using Ignitur prevent you from missing deadlines? Simple. Ignitur means clear, organized task management. This project management online software is built for maximum user-friendliness and simplicity at every stage. It sets deadlines – which you’ll be notified of as they approach, and repeats as needed. It also provides you with the ability to allocate tasks to specified staff members with full descriptions and message-functionality. Your team is on task, on time, and connected with a clear deadline and instructions.


2. Efficient Communication

Communicating with colleagues is easy: simply find the relevant task you want to discuss, and type your message – all users working on the job will see your comment and be able to reply immediately. This eliminates the need to come out of the software to send emails, pick up the phone, or visit another part of the office – no more time-wasting! Looking over any online marketing software comparison review, very few have team communication capabilities. This sets ignitur apart as one of the best seo software, available free for 30 days!


3. No More Lost Client Log-Ins

Being unable to log into API’s can be massively frustrating – with so many out there, trying to keep track of how to get into what is more problematic than ever! Well, wave goodbye to having to root through post-its and notebooks in order to track those elusive details down! Ignitur keeps your API’s synced once you give permission – the data you need is all in one place.


4. Quick and Easy Reporting

It’s the beginning of the month and you have to set aside a few hours, if not a few days to report online marketing progress. Sounds familiar? The fact is that preparing reports that combine different marketing metrics and illustrate progress is not only time consuming, but can be overwhelming – you go from one tool to the next, gathering data and trying to compile it into some kind of coherent form for colleagues, clients, and management.

With our seo software, white label reporting feature, all that is taken care of. Easily schedule automated report delivery and choose what to include in your reports; recorded tasks, manual log entries, or analytical snapshots of your campaigns, including Google Analytics, PPC, email marketing, link profile data, online ranking, and more. With Ignitur, all of your key analytic data is accessible and together in one tab – just tap the reporting tab and you’re in!


5. Need Help? Ask the Guru!

We all need clear guidance. Even experts need advice and education at times. New tools do come with a learning curve, especially in the online marketing arena, but somehow getting help and the right answers doesn’t come easily. Ignitur’s team understood this, and therefore places extra attention to helping users manage their online marketing efforts with in-depth, expert guidance, with a simple click of the Guru button. We believe giving you the tools is not enough – you need should have guidance to go with it.


6. No More Web Browser Tabs

A common frustration is having to jump from one tool or site to the next, accumulating multiple tabs and interrupting your workflow. When you’re in a hurry with a deadline looming, any little obstacle can mean a lack of focus and loss of time. Ignitur provides one simple, customizable dashboard: choose which features are most important to you, and add them – you’ll see the information you prioritize as soon as you log in in one central area.


7. Easy Access to Saved Tools

How great is it to access bookmarks from the same place where you complete and track most of your online marketing work? Ignitur lets you bookmark tools in your Tasks section, providing easy access to them when you need it most. Rather than having to keep other pages open and logging into them again and again, use your key software within just a couple of clicks.


We’ve looked at the key components successful online marketers need to work well. We’ve shared the struggles that come with marketing, and all of the tools that come with it. This top SEO software is there to revolutionize your online marketing campaigns: complete key tasks on-time, collaborate with colleagues, review your performance – all in one place. Keep your projects organized and on-target with Ignitur.


Daniel Mattei
Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Coordinator at Dynamic Search and a filmmaker and founder of Shotlight Productions. He lives with his wife, Grace, and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.