Do you Really Need an SEO Software?

Do you Really Need an SEO Software?

In the attempts to achieve high rankings, businesses can easily become carried away with SEO. Appearing on the first page of any search engine is incredibly competitive (particularly Google, which is the main point of focus for most companies, owning around 65 – 70% of the search market share), and desperation to register in the […]

Fall in Love with Web Marketing Productivity Software

Fall in Love with Web Marketing Productivity Software

The most successful business-leaders always have something to teach the rest of us. When we consider entrepreneurs who have used the internet to build global, game-changing brands, how many of us would recognize the name Jeff Bezos? As the founder and CEO of Amazon – one of the biggest brands on the planet right now […]

Ignitur Tutorial – 5 min Demo Video

So, you’re thinking about signing up for Ignitur, but are unsure of how you can incorporate it into your web marketing workflow. Igntiur was created by web marketers with web marketing management in mind. If you have a small business, or a web marketing agency, you’ll see how its data access, task management, and quick reporting make […]

Ignitur Tutorial – Analytics API Review

With Ignitur’s Analyze tab, you can access all of your important data in one space. No more logging in and out of different external resources. One of Ignitur’s most important API’s is Google Analytics. It’s a heavyweight for information and traffic data about your website. Use it to make important decisions and carry out daily […]

Ignitur Tutorial – Email Marketing API Review

With Ignitur you can finally access all of the data from your important marketing tools and external resources, in one space. In the Analyze tab, you can access your email marketing data through the email marketing API. Ignitur connects with the most popular email brands, such as Constant Contact, and MailChimp.   Email Marketing API […]

Ignitur Tutorial – Adding A New User

Ignitur is a team based software, for businesses and even web marketing agencies. To get started with the software, add users to your team, and give them permissions to access all or specific clients. Adding a New User from Ignitur on Vimeo.

Ignitur Tutorial – Web Marketing Modules

Everything that users do in Ignitur is based on the web marketing module that they can access and choose. Web Marketing modules are basically the processes that marketers focus on, for their business or clients. Whether that is Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, or others, the users workflow in Ignitur […]

Ignitur Tutorial – Webmaster Tools API

In this video, we are going to go over the Google Webmaster Tools API. With Ignitur, users have the ability to access their external data resources all on one space. The analyze tab takes away the tedious process of checking your stats with multiple log ins and log outs. One of ways that you can […]