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Here’s the deal:

No blogger wants to read another cold email from someone they have never met before.

Truth is, most bloggers are sick and tired of receiving too many emails. In the time it took you to read this sentence, over 20 million emails were written. In fact, a blogger spends hours reading and answering emails each day.

You don’t want to contribute to that noise, do you?

Of course, email outreach does work. But is it the only way to build relationships with bloggers?

I doubt it.

Communicating via email has been misused by would-be bloggers who don’t understand the value of a true connection. Why would their target blogger even bother with their next email?

If you want to successfully connect with bloggers and build lasting relationships with them, there are more effective ways to do it than sending emails.

I’ll show you. But first, a quick one…



Why contacting influential bloggers scares you

Contacting popular bloggers can be very scary at times. The reason is simple — you’re scared of being rejected, right? This is similar to the first time you asked a crush out on a date.

You need courage. You also need to eliminate every possibility of being rejected. As Steve Martin would say, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”


Why make friends with other bloggers?

i). You have a clearer shot to success by leveraging influential people. To get your content in front of thousands, or even millions, of your target audience, you need to collaborate with other bloggers who have more followers than you.

ii). You need other people’s ideas. If you make friends with bloggers in your industry, you will create opportunities for other people to critique your work or validate your ideas.

iii). You need some inspiration. When you connect with bloggers, you are forced to stay abreast with their latest content.

iv). You can get inbound links and social shares. It’s a lot easier for you to reach out to your friends (bloggers) and tell them about your new article.


The What & How


Where do you find the right bloggers to connect with?

You are most likely very familiar with some of the influential bloggers in your industry. But how do you actually find them to connect with them?

You can find top bloggers on search engines, social media platforms, niche forums, and via RSS readers. However, the most interesting place to meet them is at one-on-one events like the Build Your Blog Conference, Camp Blogaway, and Social Media Marketing World.




Now that you know where to find these bloggers, how do you connect with them?

Here are 6 proven ways to connect and build relationships with bloggers without sending emails:


1.  Create blog posts and link/mention other bloggers

It’s hard to not check content in which you have been mentioned.

“Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language” — Dale Carnegie

So, in every way you can, create a blog post that talks about your target blogger — their quotes, some feedback about things you’ve learned from them, a positive experience with their product or service, and let them know about this blog post.

By doing this, you may even earn a tweet or a mention on social media that can increase your visibility and your credibility.


2.  Interview the blogger

Although this may sound like too much work, if you do it well, it could potentially yield great results. You can decide to interview one blogger, or even several bloggers at the same time.

This will create a strong connection between you and the interviewed blogger which, in turn, will help you build a better relationship in the future. Of course, you will also have the advantage of attracting tons of traffic to your website as the blogger shares the interview with his or her followers.

John Lee Dumas, founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, releases a new blog post 7 days a week. The majority of them are interview-based. His blog generates well over 200,000 unique visitors per month.


3.  Ask for the blogger’s opinions or personal story via comments

Good comments add value to a piece of content. If you write great comments on a blogger’s post, chances are he or she will reply to you, thus making it easier to start a connection from there.

In the comment, you can add your opinion, or add a success story about how the blogger’s content has helped you improve your business.

Here is an example, Onibalusi of Writers In Charge interviewed Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud. Notice the connection Manendra created from the comment.




You should comment regularly on their blogs to be visible. You’ll likely see positive results using this strategy.


4.  Connect with the blogger on Twitter

It’s very easy to create a connection with people on Twitter. Most popular bloggers are very active on Twitter. Follow the ones you’re interested in making a connection with. Retweet their content as many times as possible, and tell how the content they shared has helped you.

Most bloggers share their latest products. You can buy the product and share a testimony on twitter that mentions your target blogger (@bloggertwitterhandle). They’ll likely retweet your post and a connection can grow from there.

You can also continue the thread by asking and adding some inputs from the blogger’s book.

For example, Marian Bacol-Uba shared her enthusiasm for Ramit Sethi’s book and got a retweet from Ramit Sethi himself. That was a good move for her.


5. Use a platform like Upfluence or TapInfluence

Upfluence and TapInfluence connect bloggers with brands for sponsored posting. Instead of looking for top bloggers to connect with, TapInfluence allows you to be picked by top bloggers who are interested in working with you.

According to Morgan, founder of Mostly Morgan, TapInfluence is a network where “I generate the bulk of my earnings.”


6.  Share your target bloggers’ posts on social media networks

Become a “share-a-holic”. Share other bloggers’ posts often. Most of them will notice you and will appreciate you for your kind gestures. Doing it consistently will ingrain your brand in their memory and make it easier for you to contact them in the future.

To sum up, if you want your fellow bloggers to promote you, you should start by promoting them first.


7.  Book a strategy session with your target blogger(s) via Skype

How about booking a session on Skype with top bloggers that focuses on their products and services, and on getting them to share their success stories.

This is a great way to get the attention of bloggers. The result:  they won’t hesitate to connect with you.



There are many strategies for connecting with bloggers that don’t involve sending cold emails – a practice that has been much abused in the past. By using these proven strategies, you can shine the spotlight on your brand, and make your content irresistible to micro-influencers and bloggers alike.

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Asher Elran
Co-founder at Ignitur