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With the search engine industry worth well over $380 billion, it’s little surprise that so many online marketing agencies are now competing for business. Provided you build a strong team of knowledgeable employees, and take the right steps to establish your business, you may be able to enjoy some success.

However, even the most successful agencies can find themselves on the receiving end of clients’ frustration and lack of understanding. Online marketing is more complex than some people realize, demanding time and effort to get right. Even if you have a real passion for search and brand-management, you can still find yourself inexperienced and under-skilled. Clients may start asking why you’re failing to provide the results you promised, and accusing you of short-changing them. Web marketers need to constantly test, learn, and be updated with industry news and updates. This is part of our job, this is time consuming!

Does it feel like you running as fast as you can, but still falling behind?

The early days of any business can be difficult. On top of that, search engines, trends, and techniques change regularly, and it’s not an exact science. Having someone to answer your questions or to show you what works and what doesn’t, could save you time, better yet, save you from closing the doors of your business. there’s no shame in asking for help, but most professionals don’t know where to get it. Sure you can ask questions on Quora, send an email to Rand Fishkin (assuming you have it), or simply Google it. Yet, the clutter of information is confusing and makes us spend more time then we want finding answers.

You worked hard building your business. You created processes, trained employees, and go through endless testing and learning in order to improve the results you provide your clients with. Wouldn’t be cool if you could rewind and buy all the knowledge you gained through testing and reading? Wouldn’t it be cool if someone handed you a Internet Marketing manual?

Internet Marketing Help

I worked hard to find a solution that takes the guesswork out of web marketing and provides professionals an actual solution that saves time and money. For the past 10 years, I have written and modified a list of to-do’s and defining processes that actually work for me. Nothing goes into my list unless it has proven to work. Since this is an ongoing effort, and some things are relevant today and old news tomorrow, my marketing process have to be dynamic and constantly tested. Yes, I’m talking about the processes for SEO, PPC campaign management,  social media management, email marketing, CRO, etc.

My team and I also worked on a solution for the most painful part of our job – generating reports! It’s tedious, time consuming, but, it absolutely has to be done, right?! I mashed the two functionalities together. Duties, and Reporting! We also added some other cool tweaks, such as, ask the Guru feature, and information gathering, and called it Ignitur. Yep, we built a task management software tailored to web marketers. We even use it ourselves! Now you can try it.

Try it free to see if it’s right for you!

Asher Elran
Co-founder at Ignitur