Three Elements of Ignitur

Making you a superhero web-marketer



Statistics, at your fingertips

No more logging in and logging out — get all the data you need in one dashboard.


Clutter-Free Data

Get the data you need, quickly, accurately, and concisely.


Customize Your View

Get the data the way you want it. Feature the data widgets you want to monitor.

The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of important stats for 30 days. Turn widgets ON  to make them visible on your customized view.

Task Management


The “What” and the “How”

Ignitur can tell you what to do and briefly explain how to do it.


Team Collaboration

Ignitur enables you to collaborate with team members.

task-list- custom

Process Flexibility

Ignitur allows you to create your own team task-lists.

Manage your tasks and collaborate with team members. You can also add, schedule, or delete tasks and change task status.



White-Label Reporting

Generate professional and attractive reports in a few clicks.


Report Your Actions

Include user activity, time tracking, notes, and a list of completed tasks in your reports.

wysiwyg editor

Built-in Editor

Add your custom text and HTML to your reports using a built-in WYSIWYG editor.

Create and schedule one-time or recurring reports by selecting the data you want, and sharing it with others. You can build report templates and save them for later.

Other Ignitur Features

Time Tracking
Track the time you spend on your different projects.

Multiple Clients
Easily manage multiple client accounts from Ignitur.
Link Data
Review your link data, including backlinks and link monitoring.
System Alerts
Ignitur will notify you of pending tasks to ensure you are on track.
Keyword Ranking
Track keyword ranking accurately and record positioning change.
File Storage
Store all your project files in one place with provisioning management.
Project View
View your and your team’s pending tasks.
Historic Data
Ignitur saves historic data to analyze trends.
Account History
Review your account activity by date range.

White Label Reporting
Schedule and deliver both internal and client reports.
Shareable Dashboard
Share your dashboard(s) with your clients or decision makers.
Bulk Actions
Bulk upload clients date when migrating from another software.

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