Information Gathering

Let Ignitur do the heavy lifting and gather all the data from multiple sources into one place. Your marketing dashboard software  is your “mission control.” that helps you get the most important data you need — fast!

The Functionality

In the information-gathering (Dashboard) tab, the user is able to connect to the most well-known Web-marketing services and pull data by authorized access. This process is quick, simple, and repeatable with multiple third-party services. In addition, the Analytics tab is a way to access customized analytical data for a quick account overview. In this part of the software, the information is made up of widgets that can be moved around, activated, or deactivated. The Dashboard tab is the “mission control.” We have made it fully customizable so that data are presented in a way suitable to the user’s needs.


The Benefits

When all the analytical data can be pulled from user-specific services and presented in one central location, the advantage is obvious: since all services are Ignitur-authorized, users do not need to log in and out of a dozen programs to get the data they need.
The ability to see a bird’s eye view of all your marketing efforts — including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, users’ emails, marketing providers, and social media engagements, to name a few — helps you to be more efficient in making cross-account decisions.