Myths & Legends

Myths have always been a part of human culture. Most of us know about Greek and Roman myths, as well as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Jersey Devil – there are variations of all kinds across the globe. Even if we don’t believe there’s any truth in myths, it’s natural to be curious: the imagination wanders easily, and part of us may want to believe in things we can’t prove or disprove.

Internet marketing software is not without its myths. Below we address once and for all common myths about internet marketing software.


Myth #1: Internet Marketing Software is Just for Big Enterprise Companies.

You may have heard that you need to be a big cash cow company with lots of employees to need to streamline your marketing processes. This is not the real case. It is always a good time to start managing your Internet marketing, the earlier the better. Many small businesses can’t afford professional online marketing services, and that’s where good Internet marketing software can be the life-jacket to save a drowning business.


Myth #2: Internet Marketing Software That Does It All

Online Marketing is enormous, and getting bigger. If you buy into the myth that everything can be completed through one tool, you will be wasting your time and money. There is no instant cheating your way to solid authority and viral success anymore. Hard work and planning is key. Our tool, Ignitur, is not a one-tool-does-it-all, shortcut to your goals kind of software, but rather works alongside additional tools and software to boost your productivity and efficiency. Rather than trying to take on too much with no real structure, Ignitur marketing project management software lets you focus on the most effective areas of online marketing – social media, email marketing etc. – in an organized, efficient way.


Myth #3: Internet Marketing Software That Ranks you Quickly on Google

Online marketing processes are more like a marathon than a sprint. Fast, real results don’t come easy. It takes hard work, dedication, consistency, and a proven plan to improve ranking. In the early days of online marketing, agencies would promise to put customers on page 1 of Google in no time, using a variety of black-hat techniques. Any guarantees of lasting high-rankings or widespread visibility they may have offered would not work today – such techniques, such as low-quality paid links, hidden content, keyword stuffing, and spam emails have since been clamped-down severely by search engines. Being able to cheat your way into lasting authority on Google is a myth, and black-hat techniques are not a viable plan to success.

Due to the nature of organic ranking in internet marketing, software can’t make this promise either. Online marketing software should work as your marketing consultant, guiding users of all experience levels with tasks to  accomplish in order to improve marketing campaigns. A good Internet marketing software will have the recipe to a proven plan for improving online marketing. There is no time guarantee, just hard work and effort.


Myth #4: Fully Automated Internet Marketing Software

True, online marketing software was created to streamline your marketing processes and make your workflow easier, but honest software does not automate everything. In online marketing, this is just not possible. There are too many factors at play that require human touch and logic. Ignitur works by providing you access to proven marketing processes through organized predefined task lists for different marketing areas. It has automated reporting features that track the analytical evidence of your success by identifying your campaign’s strongest and weakest points. This functionality does make it easier, but one still needs to dive inside and follow through with provided instructions and tasks.

The better you can understand the data available to you, the more you can learn from it. If you want to become a marketing super-hero, you need to embrace the range of tools today’s developers offer. There is no one tool to provide an instant marketing quick-fix, and Ignitur doesn’t pretend otherwise: this project management software works alongside some of the biggest and best tools available to enhance your campaign.

Use Ignitur to organize your projects, to schedule specific tasks, to collaborate with colleagues, and to explore your performance-data – better planning can lead to better results.


Myth #5: The Best Internet Marketing Software is The Most Expensive

A higher price doesn’t mean the best. The nature of online marketing software is cloud computing and streamlining. In no way is price a determining factor. The fact is that many successful online software companies offer free trials, or limited account access with affordable monthly subscriptions means they trust their product enough for you to give it a try at the most affordable rate. It sells itself.

Use Ignitur to organize your projects, to schedule specific tasks, to collaborate with colleagues, and to explore your performance-data – better planning can lead to better results.

While Ignitur is designed by experts, it’s designed for users of all levels.

Daniel Mattei
Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Coordinator at Dynamic Search and a filmmaker and founder of Shotlight Productions. He lives with his wife, Grace, and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.