SEO software

In the attempts to achieve high rankings, businesses can easily become carried away with SEO. Appearing on the first page of any search engine is incredibly competitive (particularly Google, which is the main point of focus for most companies, owning around 65 – 70% of the search market share), and desperation to register in the top 10 results can lead inexperienced businesses to use shady techniques. Google’s algorithm updates continue to make such underhand methods harder and harder to accomplish, and the world of online marketing is much improved because of this. Wanting to rank as highly as possible is understandable, given that 75% of users never look beyond the first page of search results.

Does SEO software even exist?

However vital to online success SEO may be, it’s important to avoid investing all of your time and resources into chasing some mythical one-stop solution. Allowing your website, and your business as a whole, to become neglected will lead to severe problems further down the line. Furthermore, shady solutions such as: link building techniques, SEO automation, mass submissions, etc, will only get us into trouble with the search engines.

Professionals with experience of online marketing may know which techniques prove most effective, and can then ensure their attention is focused in the best areas. Less knowledgeable business owners that don’t have room in the budget to hire an agency, have to find the time to carefully research the techniques they adapt as part of their web marketing strategy.

Is SEO Marketing software right for you? First, I’m not aware of any tool today that can fall under the category of an “SEO Tool.” The reason for that is because SEO is so complex and made of many nuts and bolts that no software can cover the full spectrum. So why are there Saas that call themselves SEO software/tool? The answer is rather simple, that’s just how people search online for them, so these companies adjust themselves to be found on the SERPs.

If you do find a tool that you like, you should ask yourself the following:

  • Does it automate certain tasks that can potentially  categorize you as a spammer?
  • Does it violate any Google’s Webmaster Tools guidelines?
  • Does it manipulate text to increase content thickness on/off the website
  • Does the software’s developers give their prospects promises and/or guarantees?

If you got one YES, then you would be better off ditching the marketing software your investigating!

Focus on Running your Business

Providing users with rich, informative, helpful content and high-quality service should be a top priority in your SEO strategy. Ignitur is not SEO software – it provides comprehensive project management software for companies of all sizes, incorporating your SEO tools to boost your organizational capabilities and productivity. Using Igntiur gives you the analytic data you need all in one place, in an easy-to-understand format, and makes managing tasks easier than ever.

Yes, you do need SEO, but the right kind. Ignitur, can help you perform the best tactics known today and assist you in managing your web marketing efforts.

Daniel Mattei
Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Coordinator at Dynamic Search and a filmmaker and founder of Shotlight Productions. He lives with his wife, Grace, and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.