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Making your business’s online marketing campaign successful takes time, effort, and creative-thinking – there are no instant-fixes, no shortcuts. While every business – regardless of its size or industry – is busy, trying to cheat your way to a better online presence is no solution: cutting corners and using black-hat techniques will only make your performance worse.


While there are plenty of marketing tools available to help you get your website noticed by more people, some businesses may find themselves looking for the best online marketing software that will do everything they need. There is no such tool, though – web-marketing cannot be performed on your behalf by a single program.


When they attempt to create shortcuts to better visibility, companies can easily stumble into spammy techniques that chase legitimate users away. You need to look into the best tools available to aid the various aspects of your marketing campaign.


Due to all the clutter and various options available, marketers are looking for the best solution to cover everything needed to manage their marketing efforts. Make peace with the fact that there is no one internet marketing, tool that does it all. Rather, use a project management software that will help you organize all the other tools you already use and make your campaign management simpler.


Project Management – A Lasting Solution Online


To get ahead, you need a marketing online software that will help you manage your overall project, from the first posts on Facebook to your 500th blog. Ignitur is project management software for companies of all sizes: whether you’re a small five-person team or a global corporation with hundreds of people in your office alone, Ignitur helps you to keep projects of all scales organized and on-target.


Ignitur can be tweaked to suit your own specific needs, and provides in-depth reporting – this helps you assess the performance of your campaign, pulling data from various third-party tools. The online project management software then presents this information in a way you can understand – as anyone who has tried to analyze their users’ activity in a hurry will know, navigating & comprehending the details on-screen can be difficult. We make it quick and easy for you to get the big picture. Our software can be used with your favorite tools – Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Mail Chimp, and more: integration is simple, and you can customize your dashboard to present the information you really want to see as soon as you log in.


Ignitur dashboard

Ignitur’s project management website doesn’t provide any shortcuts – our job is to aid you, and to boost your efficiency. We make it easier for your team to create tasks, allocate them to colleagues, make notes on progress, set target dates – Ignitur provides high-quality online marketing management for ongoing campaigns of all sizes. We are not a complete solution for your campaign: we work alongside your other tools, bringing it all together to help you direct your marketing efforts for maximum efficiency.


Ignitur is very user-friendly, too, so introducing website project management software to your team will cause a minimum of disruption and help them to be more productive than ever.


Remember, if you can build a brand that encourages loyalty, trust, and repeat-custom, people are likely to stick with you: according to a study by BBDO Worldwide, 89% of customers will stick with a brand they like. There are no guarantees, of course: customers can, change their mind.


However, a strong marketing campaign, effective customer-engagement, and brand-reinforcement across social media will keep you on a consumer’s radar — and the more they like what they see, the higher your chances of securing their custom. With our software, advertising and web marketing can be made simple.



Asher Elran
Co-founder at Ignitur