A valuable part of Ignitur software is its reporting function. Save hours by creating impressive white-label reports that reflects your periodic progress, including completed tasks and stats. Ignitur can act as SEO reporting software, among its many reporting functions and as a digital marketing reporting tool.

The Functionality

Using its marketing reporting feature, Ignitur provides its users with the ability to generate a comprehensive internet marketing project reports that stream analytical data from multiple API’s all into one report. This is in keeping with Ignitur’s two main development goals: to give you data accuracy and to save you time. The Reporting Tab achieves these goals beautifully by automatically pulling related tasks and analytical data. Ignitur allows you to choose from multiple-tier options, schedule report delivery, and more. You can also fully customize the report, add or remove sections, add a logo, free text, graphs, etc.

Some of our subscribers use Ignitur solely as marketing reporting software, but you can also use it for PPC reporting, Social Media Management reporting. and many other functions. Generate your web marketing reports with a few clicks instead of spending hours on crafting documents for your clients or superiors.

The Benefits

Generating reports can be time-consuming. Even worse, long PDF files full of analytical information are useless to the client without supporting lists of account activity. Using Ignitur to generate an internet marketing report, you can help decision-makers better understand how their budget is being used, what actions have created the most value, as well as the overall fruits of their investment.


Report Sample