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Every business needs customers. But one massive mistake a company – any company – can make is to become so involved in what they want, (leads, clients) they forget about their customer’s needs. After all, to ensure success in any sector, you need to be giving your target demographic exactly what they’re looking for, balancing a dedication to outstanding service with a suitably-introspective mindset: focus on your clients and your business in equal measure.


For marketers and business-owners, attracting more customers is key. While retaining your existing customers plays a huge role in maintaining a successful business in the long-run, pulling in fresh prospects and converting them into paying clients is essential. In the digital age, this is easier than ever: you have more promotional methods and channels to explore; you can reach clients on the other side of the world within seconds; and, most importantly, you can build your brand across many different sites at the same time, attracting various demographics as needed.


However, if you’re just starting your enterprise and looking for new ways to increase web traffic to your site, the sheer number of options you have in the online world can be incredibly intimidating – how can you organize your web marketing, and how do you keep your locomotive gathering speed & momentum over your internet marketing journey? Join us as we explore six easy ways to boost your traffic.


1)  Embrace Social Media


Research shows that 78% of small businesses use social media to successfully attract new clients – an impressive number, and positive proof that networks like Facebook & Twitter serve a greater purpose than social sharing!


You have plenty of options when using social media, but to begin with, try Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and possibly Instagram. Social media is ideal for sharing links to your site, to new products, to news updates – whether creating short, simple Tweets or adding longer posts to Facebook, these networks allow you to develop your own ‘voice’, put your brand in front of new followers, and maintain a regular presence in feeds.


2)  Add a Little Variety to your Content


Producing high-quality, highly-sharable content is vital: while you need to include SEO techniques in your work, you need to be writing with humans in mind rather than search-engine crawlers. And humans like variety!


  • Produce blogs that feature engaging content
  • create press releases
  • work on short news updates
  • write helpful articles offering tips
  • film videos


… there’s no reason to keep cranking the same stale blogs out again and again. When you hit a dead end, consider trying a new tactic, or guest posting for a new audience.


3)  Write Guest Blogs


Guest blogging is simple, fairly easy to organize, and mutually beneficial to you and the consenting site. The opportunity is in finding and reaching out to a larger audience that you would not normally acquire on your own blog. Providing quality content for a more trafficked website, will add trust to your own website, and increase traffic from theirs, to yours. Especially if they allow you to link back to your site, or reference a quality blog post you’ve previously written.


Choose websites or bloggers from your sector, and ask them if you can write an engaging piece for them. Busier websites will prefer an outline or title before they are willing to view your full article. However, once you’ve developed a relationship with a website, or offered multiple posts for their site, it will become much more fluid a transaction.


  • Look specifically for sites that offer guest posting in the footer, or in the contact page.
  • Aim for websites with a higher traffic and social sharing than your own.


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4)  Email Marketing


Sending emails to registered customers is a fantastic way to keep in contact: used carefully, email marketing can ensure you stay in clients’ thoughts, and drive traffic back to your site. How? It’s simple – give them a reason to click!


With email, it’s important to always be providing for your readers. Whether that be actual products, tips and tricks, or company news. If my reader is interested, they’ll continue reading. You can send special offers, discount codes, and news on your latest must-have deal or product.


You can even offer something for the initial email newsletter sign up. Brian Dean of Backlinko offers his SEO strategy in an infographic style PDF. Others offer ebooks and digital downloads. Once you’ve gotten a user to sign up, you can nurture them as a lead.


I use constant contact for maintaining my email contact list, but others use MailChimp. Among a few others, these are the top industry leaders for email marketing. The beauty of these programs, is that I can create beautiful and seamless templates that help me to stand out in an inbox. With Constant Contact, I can even edit the html markup of the templates. Once I’ve created a great template, with a clear call to action, I can send it regularly, with juicy and interesting content that leads back to my site!


5)  Make your Mark in Comment Sections


Visit sites relevant to your business and niche: adding your thoughts to their comments sections is a great way to build a presence, and create a familiar standing in your desired community of webmasters.


Chat with other long-time users, and make yourself as insightful & engaging as possible. Create new topics in the comments section by asking questions, or adding to the topics mentioned in the post you’re commenting on.


Try to avoid stealing light from the original post, but make a point to offer insight and an opinion on the subjects addressed. In some instances, you’ll even find opportunities to drop links to your site. Comments are always a good thing for any blogger, so you’ll never be pushed away, as long as you’re not acting spammy.


6)  Try Webinars


Webinars are a popular way for businesses to pass on their wisdom to people all over the world.

Right now, they are one of the most popular content options for website owners. Online, people are looking for easy and fast education. Webinars offer the experience of a classroom, with the opportunity for visual learning, as well as the transaction of a question and answer type setting. They are often very appealing, when compared to a blog post, or a YouTube tutorial.


Another benefit of webinars, is that you add to your email list when users sign up, and are given another option to opt in. Once you’ve attracted them with educational material, and are consistently nurturing them, they are much more likely to return to your site, or visit through your CTA’s.


You can also invite people to join via social media, and some larger websites allow guest webinars from trusted colleagues. Make your webinars interesting and unique enough to appeal to existing & potential customers alike.  You could even offer a discount for something on your website for those that have finished your webinar.


Posted on Kissmetrics, 2015




Increasing traffic to your site is a long-term process. As you proceed, look for new ways to spread your wings, and your network. The web is filled with sites that allow you to place your brand, name for others to find. Experiment and focus on building your brand into something people feel they can connect with. The more places they find and connect with you, (physically or digitally) the more they will follow your brand, and travel to your website.


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Daniel Mattei
Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Coordinator at Dynamic Search and a filmmaker and founder of Shotlight Productions. He lives with his wife, Grace, and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.