For years now, some businesses have tried to cut corners in their web marketing: old-school black hat techniques (such as hidden content, keyword-stuffing, and paid links on irrelevant websites) used to get businesses higher up in the search engines’ rankings, until Google and others clamped down on ‘cheating’ (the Penguin , Hummingbird, and Panda updates made it harder for lazy techniques to get through to the system). These companies were looking for a quick-fix, an easy way to attract attention & boost their revenue.

However, there is no real quick fix in marketing, on or offline. Businesses need to recognize that this is a gradual process, demanding patience, perseverance, and creativity.

Whereas some businesses hire web-marketing agencies to manage their online campaigns, others cannot, or may not want to pay for this; for small businesses still in the starting lane, the budget might simply not allow for external help. Using a project management software is becoming more and more popular with companies, and can help transform your entire approach to building an effective web-marketing campaign in order to increase visibility online.

Managing Your Marketing Wisely

Is using software for internet marketing cheating? Not at all! Project management software simply organizes your efforts. On the other hand, submission and SEO automation tools are what you need to stay away from. These cause damage which sometimes ends up to be irreversible.

Does it mean that I need to do everything manually?

Not at all. While this is a great rule of thumb to  stay away from submission tools and SEO automation, some are still okay and alleviate the tedious process of repeating one task over and over again. Here are a few examples:

  • 3000 directory submissions for $30 – Spam
  • Yext listing on 60 US directories – Okay
  • Article submission tools to 100’s / 1000’s of directories – Spam
  • Press Release distribution using a reputable service – Okay
  • 1000 blog comment submissions to gain links – Spam
  • Using a software to harvest blogs to manually engage on – Okay
  • Content management submission tools to publish content on multiple blogs – Spam
  • Content management system to publish your own content (one from each copy) – Okay
  • SEO automation to create 100’s of article versions to increase content thickness – Spam
  • Hire a good copywriter to increase content thickness and engagement – Okay


Successful online marketing management is an ongoing process to increase authority in you niche and trust in your business. This is the process of nurturing you reputation while increasing reach. Online marketing is not a challenge to game the system like many will try to do.

Defining the processes of a project helps you to stay on target, achieve goals, and meet deadlines – without a clear structure, companies can easily become bogged down in missed messages, unclear prioritization, and not knowing who is supposed to be working on what. Give yourself a better chance of avoiding this!

A Steady Process

In the past, unscrupulous firms have used automated programs to send spam messages to emails and to comment on articles in a weak attempt to drive traffic back to their sites.

Spam causes nothing but frustration for people around the world, and most of us are wise to the game now – if you’re reading a news article on a site and see ‘user5552’ has written a comment about ‘earning $99999 dollars a year without leaving their home’, you probably know that following their link would be a bad idea! However, they still keep trying. These people are attempting to con users into visiting their site by any means necessary. Even if the site itself is legitimate, this is an underhand method of marketing that search engines and users rightly loathe.

Ignitur is designed and built by experienced professionals in web-marketing: we know what works, and we know what doesn’t; we know what search engines like, and what they don’t;we know why certain methods of marketing are important, and why others can be set aside. All of this is reflected in our online marketing management software: not only can you create your own projects and tasks, but we also provide goals for you, helping you lead your campaign in the right direction. We offer clear advice on using techniques, explain why they work, and give you all you need to know to get the most out of them. We pull all relevant data from third-party sites (Google Analytics, WMT, etc.), and provide you with the essential performance-related information in an easy-to-digest format.

Trying to game the system is a road that only goes downhill. It is all about working smart and ethical when promoting your business online. Play fair –  people notice, google notices, and all efforts turn against you.

Asher Elran
Co-founder at Ignitur