Task Management

State-of-the-art task management tailored for web marketers. Ignitur even tells you what to do — just make a selection from the pre-defined task lists and start working.


The “What” and the “How”

Ignitur can tell you what to do and briefly explain how to do it.


Team Collaboration

Ignitur enables you to collaborate with team members.

task-list- custom

Process Flexibility

Ignitur allows you to create your own team task-lists.

Has task-management software left you disappointed? Most marketing managers struggle to effectively manage, prioritize and track their projects, in addition to breaking down larger tasks into their smaller components. This requires delegation and resource allocation. As marketers ourselves, we’ve experienced this firsthand . The ultimate success of a marketing project depends on different factors. These include cooperation among team members, task delegation, data analysis, and many more.


The Functionality

Ignitur is project management software for marketing. The task management tab is where most of your time will be spent in planning, collaborating, and executing tasks. Ignitur prioritizes the tasks, sends alerts, and provides a seamless web marketing workflow. Think of the task management tab as your web-marketing plan of action. You can add or remove modules using predefined task lists, such as Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, and others.

With Ignitur, you’ll be able to manage your digital marketing tasks conveniently and efficiently, delegate tasks to different members of your team, and track your progress. You’ll be able to prioritize the various tasks quickly and easily, attach relevant files, and decide which tasks you’d like to include in reports produced for your client(s).

It’s no secret that great companies often rely on quick turnaround, high productivity and freedom from bottlenecks. Thanks to its task management software capabilities, Ignitur will assist you in opening new tasks quickly and easily. It will also help you prioritize and delegate them in order to provide a clear and optimal overview of all team tasks. During use, Ignitur’s team will provide all the support necessary to improve your daily productivity. The greatest advantage of working with Ignitur is your ability to examine various performance data for each client from one central place. Whether you manage a particular client’s Facebook ad campaigns, AdWords campaigns, or links analysis, Ignitur enables you to review all of this data with a single click on the Analyze tab. The ability to see all of your clients’ performance data in one place will save you precious time that would otherwise be spent logging in and out of countless other services.



Pre-Defined Tasks

Not sure how to start a Social Media campaign? Do you lack a set procedure for onboarding new SEO clients? Ignitur to the rescue! We’ve programmed Ignitur with pre-defined sets of tasks for a series of common actions. All you have to do is select the desired action, and Ignitur will automatically fill in the rest with a comprehensive list of tasks that need to be completed. All that’s left for you to do is to assign each task to your team members.

On the other hand, if you’re used to a specific way of doing things (i.e. you have your own checklist of tasks), you can always open an entirely new set of tasks to suit your needs.

Protocol Tasks Management

Does your company have a set protocol deployed with every new client? What about a professionally drafted checklist used whenever you open and monitor new campaigns? Does your company send out regular newsletters? For these and other online marketing management tasks and protocols, Ignitur allows users to prepare a set of tasks that will be available for every new client. This allows you to consolidate your procedures, shorten the turnaround time for onboarding new clients, and prevent mishaps and omissions.


Smart Time Management

If you work at an agency providing services to numerous clients, this feature was made just for you and is truly what makes Ignitur the best project management software for marketing. Typically at agencies, every team member serves as a client relations manager of sorts, managing several clients end-to-end. In order to ensure that Ignitur serves its purpose as project management software for marketing agencies, its first priority is to ensure that monthly retainers are profitable. To accomplish this, it’s crucial to monitor the number of hours every team member spends working for a certain client. Yet, it can be challenging to keep track of the exact time spent working on each client project. Enter Ignitur. Ignitur enables you to start a smart clock for every digital marketing project. This clock will track the exact length of time spent working on a particular project. Even if you alternate between client accounts, Ignitur will smartly and effortlessly count times separately, and make the data easily viewable. In addition, you’ll be able to pull a report showing the amount of time each team member allotted to the management of each marketing project.