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As you start your online marketing plan, you’ll find a huge wealth of software/apps out there to help you get the most out of your work. These can help you to stay on track, achieve goals, and efficiently handle big jobs. Depending on the size of your business, you may have multiple departments working towards a range of goals. Keeping everyone on-target, organized, and efficient can be difficult. Even with a smaller company, keeping projects on-schedule is not always easy.


Take advantage of some of the top tools available to help your team stay productive:


Email Marketing – Constant Contact

This online marketing company aids with email marketing, social media marketing, online surveys, and more, with more than 600,000 customers recorded as of April 30, 2015. It can help you devise ways to engage with your current and potential customers through a variety of methods, most important being via email.


Task Management – Ignitur (of course…)

Dedicated to helping you keep your marketing plan managed, well-structured, and to deadline, Ignitur is task management designed for web marketing. Using Ignitur to plan your marketing campaign, you can follow built in tasks, as well as create your own tasks within each project. Easy communication and data helps ensure that your team has the details they need right on their screen – any number of users can have access to tasks, and have work allocated to them.


Cloud Sharing – Dropbox

Chances are you’ve heard of this! Dropbox is a cloud-based tool that allows you to share documents and files of all types with others: just upload them, and colleagues can access them on their computer, their tablet, and even their phone (depending on the file-type) around the world. Using this ensures your team can get their hands on files whether in the office or on the go.


Google Docs – Work Collaboration

This is ideal for sharing files with others, and collaborating on pieces at the same time (if needed): as you type, others will see your comments and suggestions, providing real-time, easy-to-use team-work.


Email Scheduling and Reminders – Boomerang

Boomerang allows you to write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically whenever you want – compose the message as you usually would, click the ‘Send Later’ button, and then use the calendar or text box to choose a send-date. This is fantastic for creating marketing emails and organizing them to be sent together, leaving you fee to work on other tasks without having to leave reminders for yourself on post-its and in notebooks!


Scheduling Social Media – Buffer or Sprout Social

Social media is a huge part of a successful online marketing campaign, and Buffer or Sprout can be a big help to your everyday operations. Unless you have the resources and budget to appoint someone specifically to care for your social accounts, keeping on top of your posts can be difficult. These tools allow you to write updates and then schedule them to go out as and when needed, to specific social accounts – create your key shares for the day or week in one go, and then let the tool release them to your own schedule.


Quick Email Templates – Canned Responses

This Gmail feature eliminates the need to write (or copy and paste) the same messages over and over. If you have a specific response you need to send to multiple emails – which you probably will with email marketing – this feature is designed to save time: just write an email, save it as a template and this will send your messages out without any direct input from yourself.


Mentions and Reputation – Google Alerts

Google Alerts send email notifications any time new results reach Google on a specific topic of your choice. Setting this to notify you whenever someone mentions your business is a great way to keep up-to-date with your reputation – if someone writes something positive, you may want to respond with a thank-you; if someone writes something negative, you can then choose how to manage this. Understanding how people perceive your company is key, so make the most of this tool!


Influencer Outreach – Buzzsumo

Knowing which types of content are most popular online can increase your chances of creating quality pieces people will actually want to read. Buzzsumo searches across social media sites, gathering data on which topics are gaining the most attention from users – it analyzes where certain subjects are talked about, and how successfully these are engaging with people. When you know which sites are producing the best pieces, you can study their methods to improve your own performance. When you use website project management software like Ignitur, the many tools you use are combined to make your workflow easier and more efficient.


Asher Elran
Co-founder at Ignitur