What is a Web Marketing Module?

A Marketing module is a set of tasks/instructions within a marketing plan that focuses on a specific marketing channel. With our internet marketing management software, each marketing module comes with an out-of-the-box pre-defined list of the most common web marketing tasks that instruct you and what to do and when.

Search Engine Optimization
Refine your website to increase its visibility online. Practices used by Web-marketing agencies are used within Ignitur’s task management software, helping you to improve your organic listing performance.

No more trial and error with SEO. Ignitur will lay down a marketing plan providing you with all the stats needed to monitor the progress and success of your hard work. While SEO software purports to do the actual work and then fails, Ignitur will instruct you on what to do, keeping you within Google webmaster guidelines.

Social Media Management
Monitor your top social accounts and get clear instructions on how to push your brand in popular networks to reach your greater audience.
Most social media campaigns fail due to inconsistent posting and failure to understand the target audience.
Having a clear plan and tools to keep you on track will improve your performance and save you time. Simply connect your social profiles and start scheduling tasks.
Email Marketing Management
Effectively manage your email marketing campaigns.
From building a template to increasing your subscriber list, this module will draw the plan and help you execute, monitor, and report.
Connect your favorite email marketing to Ignitur and start pulling stats and printing reports.
Link Detox / Removal
Perform link detox/removal of “bad” or unnatural links.
Websites with links that were purchased are generally considered unnatural and can result in filters or penalties from a search engine.
Step-by-step, Ignitur will show you how to clean your link profile. This system has already helped thousands, and it’s now shared with you.
Mobile Marketing
Increase website traffic and overall conversion rate of audiences using mobile devices.
Mobile marketing provides customers with time- and location-sensitive, personalized information that promotes your goods and services.
Website Administrator

Manage your website’s back end, including stats analysis, security, and other site-related administrative domain and website-related responsibilities.

AdWords Management
Manage your paid advertising with Google.
This module will assist you in reducing budget leakage and increasing conversions within your paid Google AdWords campaigns.

The biggest challenge managing a PPC campaign is finding and controlling the leakage. Periodic analysis and action often results in improved ROI. The challenge though, is to know what to do and how frequently. Our online task management tool will help you get into the routine, instruct you what to do, and provide list of resources and tools to help.

Reputation Management Monitoring
Listen to the network and take constructive action to improve your business’s reputation online.
Online reputation management is a complex process of understanding and measuring numbers of positive and negative responses given online, and collecting the right data for analysis is crucial to success. While we do not have a specific module for this yet, you will find it easy to plug in your own process and start effectively managing your online reputation.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Manage UX and UI tactics and measure their outcomes to discover what increases the likelihood of a consumer acting upon the goals of your business.
Ignitur helps you manage your conversion rate optimization by suggesting the best tools available in the market to perform this task.
Local Web Marketing
Improve your SERP visibility for local searches on both Google maps and high-authority directories, and improve your NAP signature so that your business listings are more likely to be found.
Turn on this module to help increase local map visibility — top info professionals use to promote their clients locally.
eCommerce Management
Manage your online store to increase sales performance and conversions.
Monitor important stats and collaborate with your team to improve your sales and overall eCommerce performance.
Custom module
Build your module, add your tasks, and print reports.
Ignitur gives you the flexibility to add custom modules that assist you in managing and collaborating with your teams on anything you desire.