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The most successful business-leaders always have something to teach the rest of us. When we consider entrepreneurs who have used the internet to build global, game-changing brands, how many of us would recognize the name Jeff Bezos? As the founder and CEO of Amazon – one of the biggest brands on the planet right now (which has expanded well beyond its retail roots to even fund their own major TV series) – Bezos has plenty of sage advice for people starting their own company, or looking to push themselves into new realms of success and productivity.

Whatever your business, it’s easy to fall into a routine: you establish what works, and you stick with it. However, the internet continues to evolve at a staggering rate, with new software and tools changing the face of business & marketing. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to be willing to embrace innovations and take a chance on working methods you may not be familiar with. Bezos has said of Amazon:

We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details. If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up on experiments too soon. And if you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your head against the wall and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve.”

This is brilliant advice: establish what your goal is, formulate a plan of action – but be willing to try a new path if you find the one you chose first isn’t leading you where you thought it might. You need to hold on to the goal, and the reasons why you became set on it in the first place, but don’t be arrogant enough to believe your current methods are going to get you exactly where you need to be.

Bezos also recommends trying something new you believe in even if, in the short-term, it may negatively affect your performance:

“Sometimes we measure things and see that in the short term they actually hurt sales, and we do it anyway”

Why should you Explore New Productivity Possibilities?

Introducing a new way of working to your team can be daunting, but if your current methods aren’t bringing you the results you need, why not experiment? There may be people who prefer the established way of working, but the important thing is to give your new methods a chance – there’s always a learning curve, but if the result for your actions improve productivity and performance, your perseverance will pay off.

So yes, it’s about exploring, testing, and being productive. From my personal 10 years of experience doing web marketing, no matter the size of your project, using a marketing management software will bring the best out of your work and will make you more productive. That’s why I invested 2 years building Ignitur –  a web marketing productivity software. Ignitur, allows you to break huge tasks down into smaller, more manageable sections: working through a set number of sub-tasks to accomplish an overall goal. This makes even the biggest project less daunting – focus on the micro to build the macro. Ignitur aggregates important data for you so you can make the right decision and even helps you generate reports.

Why can Project Management Software Help your Business?

Bezos believes in using small groups to keep efficiency and focus sharp: the smaller a team is, the easier it is to keep track of who’s doing what. He favors a two-pizza approach, meaning that a team should be able to be fed with two pizzas – any bigger, and efficiency is likely to reduce. This applies to project management: by attempting to tackle a huge project without structure, schedules, or establishing specific roles for people in the grand scheme, people can become confused, reducing productivity as well as wasting time & resources.

Ignitur is simple to use, and customizable to your specific preferences; it works alongside your marketing tools, to enhance their efficiency. It provides:

  • One dashboard for every tool

Your complete selection of tools is visible and accessible via one dashboard: no complex navigation issues, no confusion – just point, click, and discover.

  • Team collaboration is quick and easy

With Ignitur, your teams can collaborate as and when needed: everyone’s on the same page. Allocate tasks to all relevant staff, and they can discuss their progress using the simple messaging system.

  • Built-in “How To”

If you have experience in project management or online marketing in its various forms, you’ll find working with Ignitur easy – but even if you’re new to this, our Guru tool provides “How To” assistance, showing you the tasks you need to complete to achieve higher rankings.

  • Reporting made easy

Ignitur’s reporting tools pull analytic data from third-party sites (Goolge Analytics, Google AdWords, Mail Chimp) to show you how effective your marketing campaign is: this is jargon-free and user-friendly, providing you with the details you need at a glance.

Project management software can help your business to stay organized, increase productivity, and reach your targets – reducing wasted time and boosting productivity.

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Daniel Mattei
Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Coordinator at Dynamic Search and a filmmaker and founder of Shotlight Productions. He lives with his wife, Grace, and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.