Web marketing is a highly competitive field – to achieve and maintain high rankings, you need to take advantage of the latest tools and technologies. There is no quick fix, no instant solution that will increase your visibility online over night.

To enjoy a consistent success rate in web marketing, you should be using various tools to gain insights through data and testing – the range of tools out there is very wide, and somehow overwhelming. Many tools can provide key information and are great at what they do. However, I have yet to encounter a tool that really delivered on everything claimed to do.

Valuable Insights into your Performance

If a software company builds a tool that ‘does it all’, this implies they believe online tools are in competition with each other – which they aren’t, and never should be. Using numerous different types of software to aid your online campaign can all contribute to greater success alongside each other. It’s also impossible to have one tool that undertakes a complete online marketing campaign all by itself – there are too many disparate and complex elements involved. This is the main reason, among others, why most web marketing software fail to deliver results.

Here are some words of experience…

For over a decade, I have been testing new tools and methods. The best results came from campaigns in which I was able to individually pick tools that were considered the best at what they do. Sure, I paid more, and I had to use more than one login to access my data, but I was able to get faster and better results by far. I personally don’t believe in tools that claim to have everything under one roof, as I’ve found they fail to deliver and end up becoming a burden.

I use a set of web marketing tools. Together, they work as my power-team, managing the efforts put into improving my client’s online visibility. We built Ignitur to work and oversee the progress working with these tools. Ignitur empowers the best tools out there – doesn’t compete with them! Ignitur pulls vital data from third-party sites (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter), and compiles the most important information into an easy-to-follow format, rather than having to navigate complicated tools on a number of different sites. All the answers you need are in one central place. We encourage subscribers to keep using the tools they already have set-up, but tap into the best API’s to bring their data into one dashboard. Ignitur aggregates your data, tells you what to do and how to do it. Nice and simple for businesses with all levels of marketing knowledge!

I would like to clarify that I’m not against tools that claim to do everything web marketing related under one roof, rather expressing my personal opinion through my experience. The evolution of over a decade of testing and trialling is what brought Ignitur, empowering individual tools to work in synergy through Ignitur’s guidance. Within your reach listed below is the information of what we use to promote our clients on the web. This data will save you time, and you won’t have to go through all of what we did. Turn into a super hero marketer with Ignitur as your power team.

Power Team Tools:

  • Project management software – Ignitur hands down 10 years of experience and 4 years in the making.
  • SEO – Keyword Strategy Pro, Rank Tracker, and awesome copywriters
  • PPC Management – Nothing! Simply Google Adwords and weekly calls with Google reps
  • Social media management – Sprout Social
  • Reputation management – Radian6
  • Link Removal / Link Detox – Mostly manual + Scrapebox for URL verifications
  • Web-design – WordPress / Magento based platforms + Photoshop + Illustrator‎
  • Local web marketing – Yext
  • Email marketing – Constant Contact or MailChimp


So here you go, my power team of services on a silver platter. This will save you time, money and a lot of frustration. Now, if you are not sure about the how-to of things, jump on Ignitur for a free trial and test the water. See how easy it can be to manage your online marketing efforts.

Asher Elran
Co-founder at Ignitur